Frequently asked questions

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a logistics model that does not involve warehousing the goods with the online store owner. Dropshipping offers direct shipping of goods from the supplier's warehouse to the customer of your online store, so you do not need to have a physical warehouse. This can be a great start for your business with minimal investment.

1. A customer places an order in your store
2. You place an order at the supplier's store at your customer's address
3. The supplier ships the goods to your customer's address
4. Estimated markup remains your earnings (before tax)

Do you train to use the electronic store?

Yes, of course. After the completed work, we provide a detailed user guide, according to which you will learn how to work with the electronic store, learn how to correctly find the product at the supplier and place an order.

Can I trade with a sole proprietorship certificate?

An individual activity certificate is enough to run an electronic store business. In some cases, when working with foreign suppliers, it is mandatory to have a VAT payer status, but you can also get a VAT code when working with an individual activity certificate.

What suppliers can you suggest?

We work with suppliers from Poland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania. A wide range of products. It is time to check the suppliers who provide the opportunity to work in dropshipping methods (without storing the goods at their own premises).

Additionally, you can purchase an extremely large list of suppliers from our partners www.Infoin.lt/tiekejai

Can I upload my own products?

Yes, of course. You can work simultaneously with our automatic system and upload the goods you want.

Will Google show me?

Yes. The e-stores we create fully comply with Google standards. The e-shop starts indexing very quickly.

How much does it cost to maintain a store?

Like every website, you need to host it on a server (hosting) and have a registered name (domain).

The price of hosting per month is from 5 to 10€ depending on the amount of hosted goods.
Your website name (domain) annual fee 10€

You won't have to pay for hosting for the first three months, as well as for the domain for the first year - we'll take care of everything!

Can you integrate my existing supplier?

Yes, of course. It is important that your existing supplier offers the products of his store in XML or CSV format. In this case, we can do automatic synchronization.

Will you upload my items to Facebook?

When creating an electronic store, you will also need to create your Facebook page. Then we will match your Facebook page with the online store. In this case, the goods from your online store will go to your Facebook page, store section.

Can't find the answer?

Write us a letter. We will answer all your questions, suggest suppliers, discuss and make the best decision together!

This message does not oblige you at all!