Kas yra SEO
SEO labai dažnai vadinamas skaitmeninės rinkodaros karaliumi. Tai yra reklamos galimybės, kuri veikia natūraliai, galima sakyti, nepastebimai ir yra naudinga ne tik verslininkui, tačiau ir kiekvienam naršytojui.

SEO is very often called the king of digital marketing. These are advertising opportunities that work naturally, one might say, imperceptibly and are useful not only for the entrepreneur, but also for every browser. There is a lot of talk about SEO services. You can also see a lot of myths that prevent you from understanding the benefits of optimization. This article is a short guide to SEO, which will help you discover - with what the optimization bread is eaten.

What is SEO?

Translated from English, SEO means search engine optimization. In Lithuanian, this is search engine optimization. Although Google is mentioned most often, it is possible to optimize for other search engines as well.

When searching for certain information, the search engine receives a large number of suggestions after entering specific keywords. Of course, he usually looks at the first few results, finds what he needs and does not continue to write. The goal of an SEO specialist is to help your website or store to be in the first positions, that is, to be more noticeable, visited and bought.

Do all pages need SEO?

First of all, you need to understand that it is possible to optimize any kind of page, e-shop, etc. So when the options are there, why not? Even those who are currently in one of the first positions on Google still need to constantly invest in optimization, as competitors can quickly overtake them. This is a service for all businesses that want to be more visible, heard and noticed.

So, the answer to the title question is yes. SEO for your page is really necessary. Just like any other advertisement. Too much - usually not.

Internal and external SEO

Optimization includes internal and external SEO. Each of them consists of even more elements that make the page/website/shop more visible.

Internal SEO

Internal SEO consists of a couple of key components:

  1. Technical website optimization: fast page loading, responsive design, properly named image files, organized metadata, etc.
  2. Optimizing the content of the page: arranging the characteristics of the page not only to make it more pleasing to Google, but also to satisfy the needs of the browser. Attractive design, easy-to-use menus, etc. are important.

External SEO

External SEO is also called Off page. When performing external SEO, quality should be kept in mind along with quantity. Especially when it comes to SEO articles. More and more demands are being made. And they are raised by none other than Google itself, which wants surfers to find useful content.

Offsite SEO involves a lot of work. This includes building backlinks, of course, SEO articles, as well as leaving opinions on forums and other works. All of them ultimately lead to a more famous page and more traffic to it.

SEO opportunities

Optimization is a dynamic process simply because Google itself often changes the requirements according to which SEO specialists do the work. There are three optimization methods:


Black SEO is prohibited because during optimization, inappropriate means are used to achieve the goal. White SEO is, of course, good, and therefore you need to look for responsible specialists who will perform it properly. Finally, gray is not prohibited, but not all methods that are used are liked by Google, so the page can be moved from the first positions to the bottom very quickly.

What is SEO?

The most important rule is to look for a good SEO specialist. One that not only provides services, but also answers the questions of customers. Most of the time, it helps to better understand the possibilities of this promotion and, of course, to take advantage of them.